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ECOSPEC Global Technology Pte Ltd.

CSNOx, the first 3-in-1 emission abatement system

  • the World's first 3-in-1 emission abatement system.
  • reduces effectively harmful pollutants like SO2 + NOx from vessel emissions
  • has achieved unparalleled removal rates of CO2 from exhausts
  • all three gases are removed in a single process, in a single system, without any chemicals
  • the resultant wash water also meets and surpasses IMO standards for discharge water, and CSNOx enables vessels to meet ECA 0.1% sulphur fuel regulations and the strictest IMO NOx Tier 3 engine requirements without engine change or distillate use.
  • won the "Technology of the Year" global award at the Green Ship Technology Conference 2010
  • won the "Environment Protection Award" at the Seatrade Asia Awards 2009
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